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9-pin Female to 9-pin Terminal Block Adapters

ATA / SATA PCI Express Cards

Cables (Ethernet, Firewire, Parallel, PS/2, Serial, USB, HDMI & VGA) and Power Adapters

Computers (Desktop & Notebook, used)

Docking Stations

Ethernet to Fiber Optic Network Converters, Ethernet Media Converters

Ethernet PCI-bus cards

Ethernet PCMCIA-bus cards (For notebook computers)

Ethernet Serial Device Servers

External USB/Firewire Drive Enclosures

Infrared Adapters

PCI to PCMCIA Card Readers

KVM Switches

SATA Cards (PCMCIA-bus - For notebook compters)

Serial & Parallel cards (ISA-bus & PCI-bus)

Serial & Parallel Cards (ExpressCards - For notebook computers)

Serial & Parallel Cards (PCMCIA-bus - For notebook computers)

USB to Audio Adapters

USB Bluetooth Dongles

USB Card Readers/Writers

USB & Firewire cards (PCI-bus)

USB & Firewire cards (Cardbus/PCMCIA - For notebook computers)

USB 3.0 ExpressCards (for notebook computers)

USB & Firewire HUBs

USB to IDE / SATA Adapters

USB to Network Adapters

USB to PS/2 Adapter

USB to Parallel Adapters

USB Repeater Cables and USB Extenders

USB to Serial Adapters (RS232, RS422 & RS485)

USB Share Switches

USB 2.0 Video Adapters

Video Splitters

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WINDOWS 95, 98 & ME

Helpful Information

For the latest drivers for our adapters that use the Prolific chipset such as the Y-105, PL-4COM & PL-8COM adapters, please visit the Prolific page to download the latest drivers: http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?ID=31

9x-3-1-2.cab is a CAB file which contains the latest VSCom drivers (3.1.2) for installing our serial & parallel PCI cards under Windows 95, 98 & ME.

These drivers work with the following series cards:

PCI-100H, PCI-110H, PCI-200H, PCI-210H, PCI-400H, PCI-400HS, PCI-410HSP, PCI-800H, PCI-100L, PCI-110L, PCI-200L, PCI-1284-P1, PCI-1284-P2, PCI-020-EP1, PCI-020-EP2, PCI-200, PCI-210, PCI-400, PCI-800

VSCOMDOC.EXE is a self-extracting ZIP file which contains the VSCom driver documentation.

WIN9XOX.EXE is a self-extracting ZIP file which contains the Oxford Semiconductor drivers for installing our PCI cards under Windows 95, 98 & ME. (These aren't the drivers we generally distribute with our cards, but if you have an H series serial and/or parallel card and have any problems using the VSCom drivers, you may want to try these drivers instead. Please be sure to uninstall the VSCom drivers first with the VSCLEAN.EXE program included with the latest VSCom drivers.)

These drivers work with the following series cards:

PCI-100H, PCI-200H Version 1 (If your PCI-200H card shows V2.0 on it then these drivers won't work with it.), PCI-210H, PCI-400H, PCI-400HS, PCI-800H, PCI-020-EP1, PCI-020-EP2 (There have been a couple of variations of the PCI-020-EP1 and PCI-020-EP2 cards. One variation used the Oxford Semiconductor chip on it and the other did not. These drivers will work only with the Oxford Semiconductor version of the card.)

VSPRO.EXE is a self-extracting ZIP file which contains the latest drivers (version 2.41) for installing our TC-200 TURBO, TC-200 PRO and TC-212-SP series cards which contain 16650 or 16750 UART chips under Windows 95, 98, ME & NT 4.0. (The models of these cards containing a 16550 UART do not need these drivers, but can use the standard operating system drivers instead.) This driver is also used for installing our 400 PRO & 800 PRO cards under Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 & DOS.

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